Wednesday, March 4, 2009

C# 2008 and 2010, multicore, .Net Parallel Extensions and PLINQ

The book includes a lot of content dedicated to .Net Parallel Extensions (currently in CTP) and PLINQ (Parallelized LINQ). They will be available in C# 2010 (C# 4.0) and .Net 4.0.
This video shows the application developed in Chapter 11: Coding with .NET Parallel Extensions.
The chapter's table of contents:

Parallelizing loops using .NET extensions
Time for action – Downloading and installing the .NET Parallel Extensions
No silver bullet
Time for action – Downloading and installing the imaging library
Time for action – Creating an independent class to run in parallel without
side effects
Counting and showing blobs while avoiding side effects
Time for action – Running concurrent nebula finders using a
parallelized loop
Using a parallelized ForEach loop
Coding with delegates in parallelized loops
Working with a concurrent queue
Controlling exceptions in parallelized loops
Time for action – Showing the results in the UI
Combining delegates with a BackgroundWorker
Retrieving elements from a concurrent queue in a producer-consumer scheme
Time for action – Providing feedback to the UI using a producer-consumer
Creating an asynchronous task combined with a synchronous parallel loop
Time for action – Invoking a UI update from a task
Providing feedback when each job is finished
Using lambda expressions to simplify the code
Parallelizing loops with ranges
Parallelizing queries
Time for action – Parallelized counter
Parallelizing LINQ queries with PLINQ
Specifying the degree of parallelism for PLINQ
Parallelizing statistics and multiple queries