Monday, November 17, 2014

Discussing the Importance of SDKs & Software Tools at Intel Developer Forum 2014

A nice talk with Kathy Farrel at IDF 2014 (Intel Developer Forum 2014 at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA) about the importance of SDKs & Software Tools provided by Intel that simplify making things. When you work with SDKs, you can focus on your ideas instead of trying to build your own stacks.

Getting started with the basic operations of the MongoDB C# driver

If you want to make the move from relational databases to the NoSQL world of MongoDB, these three articles I published on Dr. Dobb's might make it easy for you to use a C# driver to interact with a MongoDB database. Part 1: Getting Started with MongoDB Part 2: MongoDB with C# Part 3: MongoDB with C#: Deep Dive

Scala tutorial for C# Developers

You probably heard about the Scala programming language. If you spend most of your time with Visual Studio but you want to lean the popular JVM language, you can read my three articles published on Dr. Dobb's. In fact, C# 6.0 will include some features that are popular in the Scala programming language. Scala for C# Developers: A Tutorial Scala for C# Developers: Useful Features Scala for C# Developers: The Magic

Articles published on Dr. Dobb's

You can read all the articles about software development, programming languages, Big Data, High Performance computing and Internet of Things published on Dr. Dobb's here